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Hello Guys, new Interlude server is coming soon: http://forum.elcrouse.ru/index.php
Support English speaking players on forum and in-game!
Web-site: http://elcrouse.ru
Interlude, x1200, No Custom, 800 Players expected
Grand Opening: 25th August 20:00 GMT +3

Main Info

Chronicle: Interlude
Platform: Java
Profession: Auto (.menu)
All characters start in Giran (20 level, TOP NG with 10kk adena)
All characters with NObles skill


Adena: x1200
SP/XP: x1200
Epic RB Drop: x1

Premium Account

Adena: x2400
SP/XP: x2400
Epic RB Drop: x1
Increase the enchant rate (Armor & Weapon)
Increase chanse to get a skill from LS
No PK Drop


TVT (Full buff event) Reward: 10 Elcrouse Coin, 1 time per 2 hours
Last Hero. Reward: 10 Elcrouse Coin, Hero Status for 24h. Event start at 21:00 GMT +3 (1 time per day)


Players may Bid Coin of Luck / Elcrouse Coins / Gold Bars by .gvg command
Minimum players to join: 2
Maximum Players to join: 108
In order to start an even, players must have the same numbers. For example 9v9

Sub Class and Nobless

Sub Class without quest
In order to get a Nobless status, player should kill the Barakiel with sub class 75+level
Barakiel Respawn time is 2h +-1h
Barakiel Level is 80
Barakiel Drop 1 TOP LS, 1 BOG

Raid Bosses 76+

Respawn time is 8h +-1h
Nephilim Lord: 1 item with 10% Chanse
TOP Grade LS: 1-3, Chanse is 60%
High Grade LS: 1-3, Chanse is 60%
Secret Book of Giants: 1-3, Chanse is 30%
Elcrouse Coins: 50-100, Chanse is 70%
Greate CP Poition: 300-1000, Chanse is 80%
Teleports to the Raids added to the Global GK
Announce befor Raids goes up (15mins)
Heal skills doesn't work to the Raids


Every week
Aden & Giran owners will get 50 Coins of Luck as a reward

Life Stones

Dropable from Trex (40% Chanse), Respawn is 5 mins
Chanse to get a skill: 10%
Mid LS dropable from 78+ mobs, Chanse is 5%
Chanse to get a skill from Mid LS is 3%


Safe: +3
Weapon max enchant: +18
Armor max enchant: +16
Jewels max enchant: +16
Ecnhant rate: 60%


Olympiad start at 18:00-24:00 GMT+3
Period: 1 week
Max enchant on Olimpiad: +6 (Items more then +6 will count as +6)
HWID Protection
5 Players need to start matches
Olympiad start 25th August, First Heros: 29 August


All clan penaltys: 1h
Dismiss Clan: 1 day
Max Players in 1 clan: 40
Max clans per ally: 2
Clan skills works on all clan members (status doesn't matter)
50 CRP - reward by killing clan war members
76 level needs to leava an academy


Announce befor Raids goes up (15mins)
PVP reward: 5 Greate CP Potions
PK reward: 10 Greate Cp Potions
Apella sets are buyable by Elcrouse Coins (Same stats as DC / Tallum / Draconic sets)
Working Geodata
Full Drop/Spoil/Resis info by Shift+Click
Elcrouse Coins Dropable from all 76+ mobs (5% Chanse)
Champion mobs:
Blue Champoin Drop 1-2 Eclrouse Coins (100% Chanse)
Red Champion DRop 1-3 Elcrouse Coins (100% Chanse)
36 Buff slots, 2h duration
200 slots in the inventory
Weight Limit increased
Fully working GM shop will all items
Unstuck - 15 seconds
MP poition restore 3000 MP
HWID / PASS Character Protection
The best anti-hack software
Unfinity Arrows/Soulshots
LVL gap - 20 level
Spawn Protection - 5 seconds


All Epics are 80 level
All Epics are dead on the G.O exept Core and Orfen
Chaotic Zone near all Epics
All Epics respan time - Everning time
QA resp time: 24h (Resp time: 20:00 +-1h GMT +3)
Baium resp time: 120h (Resp time: 23:00 +-1h GMT+3)
Zaken resp time: 48h (Resp time: 22:00 +-1h GMT+3)
Frintezza resp time: 48h (Resp time: 21:00 +-1h GMT+3)
Antharas resp time: 192h (Resp time: 23:00 +-1h GMT+3)
Valakas resp time: 264h (Resp time: 23:00 +-1h GMT+3)

Minimum partys in order to enterin Lasr Inperial Tomb (Frintezza): 2
Minimum players in party to in Lasr Inperial Tomb (Frintezza): 5

Frintezza Farm time: 60 mins
Valakas Farm time: 120 mins
Antharas Farm time: 120 mins
Baium Farm time: 120 mins

QA / Orfen / Core Drop Chanse is 60%
All other Drop is the same as on Oficcial

Elcrouse Boss

TOP Grade Life Stones: 3-5 100% Chanse
Book of giants: 3-5 100% Chanse
Elcrouse Coins: 10-30 100% Chanse
Gold Bar: 1-4 100% Chanse
Quick Healing Potion: 10-30 50% Chnase
Monster Only: 1 10% Chanse
Nephilim Lord: 1 10% Chanse

Respawn: 4h +-30 mins
Chaotic zone
All heals effects are forbiden

Server commands

.menu: change language, block exp, auto pick up, professions, security4
.look: HWID, password selection
.reloc: retore character
.rcm: summon players to the clan leader
.tvt: join TVT event
.gvg: join GVG event
.acpset: auto CP / HP / MP

Server's curency

Adena: need to buy almost everything (obtain by monsters)
Elcrouse Coins: need to buy goods (obtain by events, monsters, Champion monsters)
Gold Bar: cost 500kk Adena
Coin Of Luck: Need to buy goods / items (Do not influence on the balance)

Grand Opening: 25th August 20:00 GMT +3

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